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Our company BNBOOK s.r.l. is engaged in the business of managing vacation homes or accommodations for third parties (hereinafter, the "Owner"). The Guest enters into a short-term rental agreement with us as a preappointed Company without representation and working in the interest of the Owner. We act as a non-representative agent of the Owner and assume direct obligations to the guest solely in this capacity. The following terms and conditions govern the terms and conditions of the agreement between the Company and the guest who books and purchases services through the Site, as well as the temporary rental agreement made between the guest and the Company, which acts on behalf of the Owners of the accommodation.

The guest is required to read these General Rental Conditions while making a reservation. The General Conditions may be changed at any time, without prior notice, with the understanding that such changes will not be applied to orders placed by the guest prior to the change. The rules that must be observed in our apartments are not only those enshrined in the Law but, more simply, are dictated by common sense and mutual respect. Guests, by signing these Regulations, declare that they are familiar with the individual regulatory clauses below to the observance of which their stay within the accommodation is bound and subordinate.

The violation of even a single clause of these regulations determines the right of the company BNBOOK S.r.l. to declare the immediate ending of the contract with the consequent obligation, on the part of the Guests, to immediately leave the apartment. In this case BNBOOK S.r.l. will accrue the right to collect the full amount agreed upon as consideration for the entire stay as originally.



• Wi-Fi;

• All consumption (water, electricity and gas) related to the apartment;

• Air conditioning where present and Heating;

• Welcome kit -  which is present only on arrival and will not be replaced during the cleaning done by our team during the stay.



Our check-in times, with exceptions well specified on our website, are from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. The arrival and departure times stated on the individual apartment listing and in the booking confirmation always apply. Information and instructions about the self check-in will be sent, for security reasons, only on the day of arrival at the apartment. The sending of the instructions will also be subject to verification of the credit of the total balance and the completion of a link with details of valid identity documents for each guest including children. In case of stays of 15 days or more, in addition to the departure cleaning, an intermediate cleaning will be required (for one month's stay, it will be 2) which will be calculated according to the size of the property and agreed upon at the time of booking.

This will allow the guest to have a replacement of bed and bath linens and for us to be able to check the condition of the apartment. In the case that any damage or serious deficiencies are found, we will be sure to inform you reserving the right to change the contract terms up to and including the ending of the contract. Any damage, breakage will be deducted from the deposit as compensation. Likewise theft of equipment or furniture in the vacation home or damage to technical facilities (thermostats, televisions, and various appliances) will be charged.

The vacation home must be left by the guest by 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure. In case the accommodation is not vacated by 10:00 a.m. the guest will be charged an amount of 35.00 € until 12:00 noon.

After this time it will be the guest's obligation to pay the price of the stay for the entire day.

In the casa that damage or serious deficiencies are found during cleaning, it will be our concern to inform you reserving the right to change the terms of the contract up to and including the termination of the contract itself. Any damage or breakage will be withheld from the security deposit as compensation; likewise theft of equipment or furniture in the apartment or damage to technical facilities (thermostats, televisions, and various appliances) will be charged.




The property may not be used for any purpose other than vacation or business stay unless agreed in advance with the Owner. If BNBOOK s.r.l. or the Owner suspect that the guest behaves contrary to relevant legislation or to our guidelines, public order or decency is taking place, we and/or the Owner have the right to enter the property. If the suspicion is confirmed we, in the interest of the Owner, are authorized to end the Contract and expel the person or people in question from the property with immediate effect and without refund of rent. In the case of damage to property or people, the deposit will be retained or a refund demanded, as provided in the relevant paragraph.



It is forbidden to accommodate more people (including children) than indicated in our final confirmation. Any variation must be communicated and accepted by the Management. If more guests than registered are found, we will notify the relevant authority and charge an additional fee. Under no circumstances can the number of people be higher than the maximum indicated in the accommodation description. As a matter of responsibility, we do not accept minors unaccompanied by parents or relatives.



The client is required to take the best care of the property entrusted to him/her, the furniture and household equipment of the accommodation as well as the common parts and other guests of the building or condominium. The kitchen area must be kept clean at all times during the entire course of the stay. Keys must be returned no later than check-out time. In the event of loss during or after the stay, the guest will be charged damages in the amount ranging from €50.00 for residences to €350.00 for buildings.



If, upon arrival, the guest believes that the apartment is inadequately clean, damaged, or defective, the guest itself has the right to make a complaint no later than one hour after check-in, otherwise the apartment will be deemed to have been delivered in good order and the guest will forfeit the right to complain. Complaints, regarding cleanliness, must be made immediately. The guest must report the complaint of damage or defective equipment within 6 hours of occupying the accommodation in order to prevent him/her from being, later on, held responsible for it by paying for any damages. Complaints should be addressed to or by telephone to the staff who helped the guest to check in, so that we can resolve the problem as quickly as possible.



Guest shall use its best efforts to avoid worsening any damage, defect or failure and shall mitigate any loss to us to the maximum extent reasonable. The BNBOOK team shall have the right to remedy any defects or failures. In the event of a complaint, the guest must allow us a reasonable period of time to remedy or repair any defect or damage. Fixing a malfunction resolved within the same day does not grant the guest the ability to claim any refund, if the BNBOOK team fails to resolve the problem, however, we reserve the right to remedy any complaints by transferring the guest to another vacation rental of similar or higher price and quality. If the guest makes it impossible for the BNBOOK team to remedy or repair any damage or offer to transfer to another vacation rental, he or she will forfeit the right to compensation or a price reduction. Early departure from the vacation rental, before the end of the rental period, without our prior consent is at the expense and risk of the guest.



In order to reduce the environmental impact and comply with current regulations, the guest must carry out proper waste recycling by following the instructions of the municipality to which the accommodation responds or, where present, those within the Accommodation. For stays of 1 up to 3 nights, waste may be left inside the Lodging and will be disposed of by the cleaning company. For stays of 4 nights or more, the guest will have to take care of waste disposal themselves in the appropriate condominium rooms or bins used for recycling collection. All our apartments are equipped with the necessary materials and directions for proper waste disposal. The same can also be found within the links the guest receives with all useful information for the stay. Receipt of this vademecum implies adherence to these regulations. In any case, for any doubts, the guest is requested to contact the staff who checked in. A penalty of 45.00 € will be charged in the case of missed or incorrect waste disposal.



Cleaning of the kitchen, equipment and furnishings is not included in the final cleaning services. Therefore the guest is required to wash dishes, empty the dishwasher and refrigerator, clean the oven, kitchenette, outdoor barbecue if any is present and tidy up the apartment inside and outside before departure. Items left unattended will be kept for a maximum of 24 hours after which they cannot be claimed. If any of these parts are not properly cleaned, the guest will be charged a penalty of €45.00.





A security deposit is required. The security deposit serves as a guarantee to BNBOOK S.r.l for any amount owed by the guest, for example, any damage to the vacation rental, theft of equipment, or failure or insufficient final cleaning by the guest. The security deposit is collected two days before the arrival date, so that check-in information can be received correctly. The amount of it depends on the size of the apartment and its equipment. The amount of the security deposit is specified on the advertisements of individual properties. Before the security deposit is returned, any damages, failure to clean or insufficient cleaning, failure to dispose of waste will be withheld. If the value of the above exceeds the amount of the security deposit the guest will be billed for the difference.



Certain groups may be charged increased security deposits. This includes, but is not limited to, groups of young people, groups of more than 4 people (other than families and couples), groups renting the vacation home for more than 14 days or groups renting the vacation home for a purpose that is different than vacation, an option only possible with our express consent. We, in the interest of the Owner, will be authorized to charge an increased security deposit of up to 475.00 € for the number of people the vacation home can accommodate.



The number of beds shown are always suitable for the square meters of the vacation home. Since most vacation homes are second homes of private Owners, they are decorated and furnished to suit the tastes and preferences of each Owner. The layout, furnishings and standards may not match what one would expect in a first home. Beds may be smaller, the water heater may have a smaller capacity and closet space may be minimal. In this regard the pictures on our website regarding the property are for demonstration purposes only, so the accommodation may change slightly over time. Vacation home grounds are often natural areas ("natural terrain") of heathland, tall grass, wild meadows, etc. The presence of insects is inevitable in rural areas. Where it is indicated that the vacation home is fenced, it does not mean that the fence can be closed to allow pets to roam freely.



Pets are not allowed in vacation homes managed by BNBOOK s.r.l. unless it is explicitly written on the property sheet. However neither we nor the Owner can guarantee that pets have not been present in the vacation rental on previous occasions or that the Owner has no pets. Exceptions are dogs for the blind, deaf, and other assimilated service dogs. These may be brought in free of charge and at any time upon presentation of proof. If pets are found to be present, the contract will be considered terminated and the rent will be withheld. Neither we nor the Owner assume any responsibility for any allergic or asthmatic reactions suffered by the guest due to the presence of pets in the apartment.



Guest may occasionally experience unexpected noise from construction sites, neighbors, traffic, etc. Neither we nor the Owner can be considered responsible for unexpected noises. Likewise, there is a prohibition against shouting, throwing parties or producing disturbing noises. Rest and silence at night from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. must be compulsorily observed ("quiet hours"). Therefore, please keep the volume of electronic equipment low, especially during the afternoon and night rest hours. No residents should be disturbed for information pertaining to the living room. In the event that this rule is not observed and, after repeated reminders, persists in creating confusion, we at BNBOOK s.r.l., in the interest of the Property Owner, shall be authorized to end the renting contract.



The wi-fi is a service provided for entertainment and not business purposes. Access is subject to the availability and conditions of the network. Wi-fi access must be provided in accordance with the relevant laws. Each of our vacation homes is equipped with it and you will find access directions inside.




Smoking is not allowed inside the vacation home. In case of violation of the smoking ban, a penalty of 400.00 € will be charged. If the damage caused by smoking exceeds the penalty amount, we will be authorized to charge the guest the actual cost of cleaning or damage. Violators will have to pay in addition to the statutory fine for smoking in public places a surcharge of €45.00 for sanitizing the apartment.



If the Owner lets a boat available to the guest free of charge, the guest declared that he or she is borrowing it, it is responsible for its use, safety, and due care. Before using the boat, the guest is responsible for making himself/herself aware of all relevant local laws and regulations and complying with them, as well as any instructions provided by us or the Owner. It is the guest's responsibility to ensure that everyone wears a life jacket and neither we nor the Owner are required to provide life jackets to the guest. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Neither we nor the Owner can be held responsible for accidents, damages or injuries related to the use of a boat.



The guest is responsible for the use of the swimming pool, hot tub or similar facilities and is required to follow all instructions given by the Owner or BNBOOK S.r.l. Excessive use of the pool, hot tub or similar facilities is not recommended. Persons under 18 years of age are not allowed to use the pool area without adult supervision. Outdoor pools may not be heated and may not be available year-round.




Charging of electric vehicles is only allowed if the vacation rental is equipped with an electric car charging station, as charging from a regular plug could cause overheating, damage to electrical systems, and potential fire. In vacation rentals where power consumption is included in the rental fee, the guest will be charged a penalty if he or she has to provide vehicle charging where not allowed. If the guest desires to use the charging station, it is advisable to ask about it in advance at the time of booking through the numbers listed on our website.



Reservations are immediately binding regardless of the method by which they are made (credit card, bank transfer, PayPal).

Once a reservation is made we will immediately send the guest a confirmation e-mail, listing payment information, rental documents, property characteristics and related rules.

We are sometimes required to collect local lodging taxes from guests two days prior to their arrival at the property. The guest will be contacted and sent a link where in addition to paying the local tax, he will be required to present his ID card and deposit the security deposit, which will vary depending on the type of accommodation.

Failure to meet the payment terms will be considered a breach of contract and will authorize us to terminate the contract (without notice if such notice is not possible). Termination of the Contract does not relieve the guest of the obligation to pay any amounts due and the provisions on termination will apply.





In the case of price increases due to fluctuations in exchange rates, the national currency exchange of the country where the accommodation is located and the increase or introduction of new taxes, we reserve the right to increase the amount of rent charged to the guest accordingly.

Included in the price are: initial cleaning, electricity, water, heating and air conditioning, dishes, household utensils, room, bathroom, wi-fi and final cleaning.



The 14-day cooling-off period does not apply to these general rental terms and conditions.

Cancellation can only be made through the guest's account on our website or in writing and is only valid from the day we receive it.

Regarding Residences, it is possible to provide cancellation no later than 48 hours from the check-in date;

Regarding real estate, it is possible to provide cancellation no later than 7 days from the check-in date in the low season. If the property is rented during the holidays, in the high season, the cancellation terms refer to 30 days before the check-in date.

In case the guest has chosen a non-refundable rate in confirmation, no refund is provided in case of cancellation.



We do not own the apartment; it refers to an Owner. We act as a company without representation in the interest of the Owner, at his or her risk and benefit. If, contrary to our expectations, a reservation cannot be completed for reasons beyond our control, e.g., due to sale by court order or due to the conduct of the Owner, we will be authorized to cancel the reservation and any rent already paid will be refunded immediately. Alternatively and at our discretion, we are authorized to offer the guest another similar vacation rental in the same area and at the same price.





If, in the interest of the Owner, we are prevented from performing or are significantly hindered in the performance of our obligations under the Contract due to force majeure and/or exceptional events or circumstances including, but not limited to, wars, natural disasters or pollution, droughts, other exceptional weather events, epidemics, pandemics, quarantine measures, closure of borders or geographical areas, food shortages and/or rationing traffic conditions, closure of foreign exchange operations, strikes or lockouts, or cyber attacks, and regardless of whether such force majeure and/or other exceptional events or circumstances were foreseeable at the time of booking, in the interest of the Owner we shall be entitled to terminate the contract and neither we nor the Owner shall be responsible for non-performance of the Contract.



Neither we nor the owner can be held responsible for changes in circumstances that do not affect the vacation rental itself just as we cannot be held responsible for failure to enjoy the vacation due to such circumstances including, but not limited to, factors such as road or construction work near the vacation rental, power outages, closure of stores, facilities and the like, changes in opening hours, changes in swimming opportunities including swimming-related prohibitions, change in fishing rights and weather conditions including but not limited to floods, forest fires and droughts. Neither we nor the Owner can be held liable in the event of insect infestation in the vacation home or property, theft or damage to the property, or similar circumstances.



Should any provision or part of a provision of this Contract be or become invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, it shall be deemed eliminated, without affecting the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Contract.



Travel agencies, third party platforms and other booking agencies are not authorized to enter into any agreements that differ from our general rental terms and conditions at the time of booking. Any changes to the Agreement will be valid only if made in writing by us. If the guest enters into a special written agreement with us that deviates in one or more respects from these general rental conditions, the unaffected conditions will remain in effect.

These general rental terms and conditions apply only to the rental of accommodations. If the guest decides to purchase additional services or products, or if additional services or products are provided to the guest, such as tickets to water parks, amusement parks, or the like, such additional services or products will be the subject of a separate contract between the guest and the Owner or the provider of the additional service/product.

Vacation rentals are subject to availability.

All information on our website has been communicated as accurately as possible. Because vacation rentals are privately owned, the information provided may be subject to change. We are not responsible for such changes.

We are not responsible for any errors in images or printing.


Any commercial use, including any full or partial reproduction or copying of marketing materials on the website or elsewhere, is prohibited under relevant legislation.



We invite the guest to consult our Privacy and GDPR Policy on the website which explains how we will treat your personal information. By submitting personal information to us, the guest understands our use of the information in the ways set forth in our Privacy Policy, including sharing personal information with the Owner for the purpose of making the reservation.


We may, in addition, record phone calls for monitoring and training purposes when permitted and save messages received via text message or whatsapp. If disputes arise with us, we reserve the right to review any calls or make copies of messages with exchanged.



Upon making a reservation, the renter expressly agrees to all the conditions set forth hereinabove.




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