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Contact us +39 02 25565228   |


There is one term on which we base our work:


Hosting means opening up to the other, giving him welcome, making him comfortable. 

Hosting means making the other participate, breaking barriers, showing oneself in a different light. 

To let oneself shine through, to make oneself available to those in front of us.

Each time we host we create stories, experiences, lived experiences that shape our personalities.


This is what we are: a group of professionals who find passion in hosting others, welcoming them, making them feel at home.

Sara Fulici

She's the boss. She has 8 hands, 4 legs, 2 brains that operate alternately. She has 10 ideas a day that come up to her mind at night and she realises 20 of them in half a day.  Give her a spritz and, building a Padel court to let off steam, she analyzes the business plans of nearby companies, planning holidays on the back of her "California".

Valentina Carini

Right and left - hand woman for owners and colleagues, she doesn't go to bed unless he she has closed the loop.

Alessandro Cesaro

Goal-oriented, he would even put the dishes to be washed in an XL file. He'll say few words, or rather very few, but will always accomplish many challenges through actions. 

Daniela Trevisan

Hired by contract as an anti-boomer, when her eyes shine in front of a new technology or innovation the owners generally have to reach into their wallets. But seeing ideas take shape in half a day is priceless. For everything else there is Mastercard.

Laura Ferrari

She loves to be precise. Thanks to her origins from Parma she deal with any type of client showing her best smile, her positivity and her tight "e".

Giuseppe Guarlotti

They often call him by the wrong name - a woman's name, a man's name. It is not clear why, but they are wrong. But whatever personality he embodies, diligence and meticulousness at work are the common denominator of all his alter egos.

Loredana Leonini

If you're not careful, she'll stick you in an XL file too. What to say, we all know that the goal is to sell, sell, sell!!!

Antonietta Grieco

She is very patient with us, until she goes nuts. In the sense that when we need her, she always knows what data to give us to make ends meet. 

Silvia Ricco

With her pure and perfect leopard look she bewitches anyone. In the world of selling no one can stop her, maybe because they are afraid of leopard. 

Paola Gottardi

Her calmness and availability spoil us and our guests, but since it's never enough, we also ask het to make us delicious cakes.


You can always count on her. She is a guarantee. When you entrust her something yours she takes care of it in the best way possibile, as it was her thing. She'll be there for you further the working hours, during the days she has off, whenever she's around. Careful, she'll always watch out for you. 

Emanuele Ferioli

He thinks about it for a moment, then he always knows what to do and fixes everything. Anyway don't break anything please.


Yes woman! When you are in need of someone who is really into work, call Alina. She will say yes anytime! It's a great feeling to always have someone this great in your team. 

BNBOOK s.r.l.

Head Office:
Vicolo Tramontana, 6
20037 Paderno Dugnano (MI)

Operational Headquarters:
D’Annunzio Street 11
20017 Rho (MI)

+39 02 25565228                       

We are a strong team full of people who do love supporting others during their vacations or their business trip. 


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Bnbook was born in 2015 as an idea from a group of people who have been working for many years in the tourism sector. 

This group, at the same time, started to jump into the world of short term rentals, a world which was expanding itself day by day. 


This group was made of us, the Bnbook team. 

In few years we managed to grow our business and skills and thanks to our perseverance we are nowadays able to manage more than 180 properties among which we count 3 apartment 

complexes located in Italy and 2 located in Spain.


We are passionated about tourism and we love to host people. We never stops exploring and we are always looking for something new. We love original ideas, we love to be dynamic, we dedicated ourselves to our job and we never stop learning. 

In our team we give value to everybody’s skills and talents so that guests, property owners and the properties themselves can always be the core of our everyday activities. 


Who are we? We are passionated people.

What would we like to be leader of? We want to respect our co-workers, we love to create a beautiful working environment in which we can work being as serene as possibile. We love to have a transparent and a confident relationship with out property owners and we want our guests to feel at home. 


How? By making the right investments, keeping up with the world of short term rental and by integrating technologies and innovations to people and their characteristics. 


Why? Because we want our guests to be free to choose where to stay. We want every property managed by Bnbook to be a high quality standard one, full of comfort. We want the property owners to face themself with experts who are able to select the properties and who are able to create a profitable collaboration in every way.

Skills and honesty guide us to being a reference point in the sector of tourism as short term rentals managers or consultants. 


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